Thursday, July 29, 2010

Starting a new beginning.

2010 has brought a lot of change my way.  At the time of change, it can feel bad, I know it did for me, but I've been learning to try to embrace change, and really look at life with rose colored over sized sunglasses.  This blog will be a lot of things, I would love to just focus on crafting, or just travelling, but life is more complex than just one subject.

Right after I turned 25, and moving my loving twin sister to Wyoming, I decided that I wanted to see and visit all 50 United States.  AND to make it more challenging, to do this before I'm thirty.  I have now officially been to 23 states, and I'm planning a trip for next fall by train to Boston, MA, then driving and visiting the surrounding six states to bring my total to 30 states at the tender age of 26.  I am VERY excited for this trip.

I'm an avid crafter.  My sewing machine is in a cabinet and is upright and ready to go at all times.  I inherited it from my cousin Patty, who was my mom's age until she passed away.  I do believe that the sewing machine was her mother's, my Great Aunt Faye, before she passed.

In High School, I bought a pair of salmon colored kitten mittens that looked like hand puppets.  I was really getting into the matchy match thing with my accessories and could not find a matching scarf or hat.  So I found yarn that didn't match either and learned to knit and made my first scarf that I still wear every winter.  I've been bit pretty hard by the knitting bug and have also learned to crochet.  I'm currently making my first sweater, which I think is the ultimate first sweater, a Weasley Sweater... Like the ones in Harry Potter that are knitted by Molly Weasley.

I've dabbled in scrap booking only a little and haven't really done any cross stitch.  I do a lot of quilting though, or at least in the past I have.

Crafting for me, isn't really a hobby or a lifestyle.  It's a time stealer with amazing therapeutic results.  Boyfriend breaks up with me?  Oh that's ok, I'll make 15 purses.  LOL.  True story.  I need to lose weight before Julie's wedding but I want to stress eat in front of the tv watching cartoons?  Oh that's ok, I'll just knit this foreverlongtomake sweater.  Crafting keeps me sane. And honestly, I think the world would be a better place if everyone would just man up and do a craft themselves. :)

I'm a hopeless romantic and everyday I wake up, I think, today is the day I will meet my soulmate.  Then when I go to bed I say, tomorrow is the day I will meet my soulmate. :)  I also wake up everyday thinking about what amazing thing I'll do that day will be.  I try to do something outstanding everyday, to make the day really have a great memory I can look back on.  I can't make memories just sitting around watching tv.  Starting this blog was my awesome thing today.  It'll get me more kick-started towards getting my website launched.  Hopefully that can happen in the next couple of days.