Thursday, September 2, 2010

First cabled project

I made my first cabled project, now I feel like I can do and make anything :)  I used the owl chart from Kate Davies' 'owls'  Which I feel I should state isn't a free pattern on ravelry, yet I have a printout of it, so at one time it must have been free because I don't think I paid for it.  I win!  Although, I do know that there's an updated version of that pattern, which I would have to pay for, but I'm sure I could figure out the sweater pattern if I wanted to just by looking at her pattern and using my own knowledge.

I'm really proud of it.  And I renamed the cozy to be the koolzie.  :)  because I'm a nerd.  I think I'm going to go buy some pop cans so I can use my new koolzie.  I think I'll add this to the list of things I'd like to make and sell through etsy.  I'd sell this one for probably $5.  My objective or goal with becoming a seller on etsy, is I want to make lots of cool things, and sell them at decent reasonable prices.  I've seen people list coozies for like $12 each.  That's stupid. I realize etsy takes a percentage of your profits, and paypal takes a percentage too, but that's no reason to mark up your prices.  The highest I'd go with the owl would be $8, but that seems like a lot for a koolzie. :)

I also hope to make some sackboys from PS3's Little Big Planet, some fingerstaches, maybe another darth vader hat?  So far I realize everything is knitted... but I have a lot of yarn. :)

Hopefully today I have enough iron in my blood to donate, if not, maybe in another 4 weeks?