Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Paper Droids!

What a month!  I finished paper dolls or should I say Paper Droids! And I've started and about half way through my robot backpack. :)  I'm excited.  I'm not excited however at my growing list of my car needs this as opposed to my growing list of I want these needles.  *sigh.  And with Boston quickly approaching and not everything being paid for yet, I'm feeling slightly frazzled.  I have to remind myself that it isn't entirely my fault as to why things have ended up this way, I didn't know/plan for my car to need a new battery, and for VW to take a week to figure that out.  I should have gotten new tires a long time ago but I haven't yet, I hope they can last another month, because I won't have any money for them.  THAT or I'll be sleeping in a car instead of in a hotel.  That could prove to be interesting. *sigh sigh sigh.  It's all I do.  I'm also finally home after not being here for what has felt like weeks.  Tomorrow  I will do laundry and then I've promised myself the whole weekend to get things done.  AND AND AND The Phineas and Ferb movie is Friday.  I'm so excited :) I'm going to make sugar cookies in celebration!  AND I'm overwhelmingly poor so I will have a feast of romen noodles - or Robin noodles as I like to refer to them - and popcorn for the next month.  Good thing my mother feeds me lunch throughout the week.  She's the best. :)  I might even decided to stay at my parents place  - planned not unplanned like it's been - to save on some gas since they're like a mile from work. :)

I have complete faith that everything in my life that I'm feeling unsure about will work out. Some things already have. :)

This is an accurate color picture, but before blocking and before adding buttons to C3PO's chest. :)  Doesn't it look great?

And after blocking!  I'll take better pictures and update on my 100 projects later, I need to get back to cleaning but I wanted to update about this! :)