Thursday, July 7, 2011

Re Starting Paper dolls!

So, I'm back at it on Paper Dolls :)  I know my gauge is off, even if it wasn't I think I'd still be concerened about it fitting around my bust.  I'm a 34DD.  Such a ridiculous size.  My waist measures at 31 inches, and then my chest is 38" Talk about serious increasing and decreasing.  I'll be surprised if my sweater looks as nice as the other ones on ravelry.

After about an hour, I've accomplished an inch.  So theoretically if I stay at this pace, and make the garmet 27 inches long (guess) I have another 30+ hours ahead of me.  Yay! lol :)

I also need to pick up my umbrella and socks again. Those might just be put off until Boston or something. :)

Projects 51-53

So Project 51 was made with another 3 projects but I don't have pictures of those yet, so for now I just give you one necklace instead of 4. :)

And Yes, I decided to put on my Robin costume just for the picture. lol. :) I made it using Max California's pdf tutorial found here. It was fun! Angie and I got together last Friday and made these :)  I also have an "I love Brian" one, a <3 Knit knitting one, and an "I love Sewing" one.  Angie made a Captain America one and a knitting one.  We used sculpey and mod podge.  And jump rings that are super colorful. :)

Project 51 - Julie's last minute Ravenclaw scarf!  I need to hurry up and get this in the mail tomorrow!! But even though it took me longer than my projected 10 days I think it turned out great! It only took 1 skein of Red Heart Super Saver Royal Blue for the whole thing too!  So yay $3 scarf!  This scarf was knit in 1 X1 ribbing and measures about 5 feet long.  I have 9 sections - Blue, grey, blue, grey, repeat, and ended with another 18 rows of blue to make it uniform on both ends.  I only casted on 42 sts and used size 8's instead of the recommended 6's.  I think that's what they used. :)  I'm pretty satisfied with this, and I think I might make some more scarves just also work on other things since they get so repetitive and boring.

I decided to just to take pictures with the variety of ways the scarf could be worn, since after 6 inches it's all the same. :)

Project 53 - House Brawl shirt from Threadless resize. This was a simple resize and didn't take much time. (30 minutes?) I think it looks amazing! Threadless didn't offer this shirt in the female size of my choice when I bought it, so I bought a Men's Large. Which is great because it gives me the extra room in the chest that I need and then the length. I did bring up the neckline and brought the sleeves in, and added a pucker for a puff sleeve. :) And shaped a bit for the waist but I didn't go crazy, maybe only brought it in a total of 2-3 inches.  I like that this resize the shirt is a little looser than tighter, I usually resize it to fit like a glove but this is a nice change :)

Pucker sleeves for puffiness!

Well I should get to working work.  And I have almost finished another captain america headband for my sister and I want to make her another headband with just a bow before I mail her scarf off tomorrow, So I can mail those also :)