Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How do they do it?

I've been laid off for about a month, and with that time I have looked and looked and looked for a new job, finally have one and will be starting next week (yay!!) and I've managed to create a tumblr, and start Nerd Wars on Ravelry AND begin to make items to be sold in my etsy store that I've had for like 3 years. All of this said, how do these crafty gurus online do it all? How do they have a pristine blog, website, and etsy selling accounts?! Being laid off hasn't seemed to give me that much more time for knitting and the such.

And I'm off to get ready to pick up my packet from City BBQ for Run Like Hell.

I will make a massive update with all my updated 100 projects thus far - I believe I'm like on project 79. So I haven't kept up with updating the world... One day I will be the internet crafting guru like these other crafty people.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Paper Droids!

What a month!  I finished paper dolls or should I say Paper Droids! And I've started and about half way through my robot backpack. :)  I'm excited.  I'm not excited however at my growing list of my car needs this as opposed to my growing list of I want these needles.  *sigh.  And with Boston quickly approaching and not everything being paid for yet, I'm feeling slightly frazzled.  I have to remind myself that it isn't entirely my fault as to why things have ended up this way, I didn't know/plan for my car to need a new battery, and for VW to take a week to figure that out.  I should have gotten new tires a long time ago but I haven't yet, I hope they can last another month, because I won't have any money for them.  THAT or I'll be sleeping in a car instead of in a hotel.  That could prove to be interesting. *sigh sigh sigh.  It's all I do.  I'm also finally home after not being here for what has felt like weeks.  Tomorrow  I will do laundry and then I've promised myself the whole weekend to get things done.  AND AND AND The Phineas and Ferb movie is Friday.  I'm so excited :) I'm going to make sugar cookies in celebration!  AND I'm overwhelmingly poor so I will have a feast of romen noodles - or Robin noodles as I like to refer to them - and popcorn for the next month.  Good thing my mother feeds me lunch throughout the week.  She's the best. :)  I might even decided to stay at my parents place  - planned not unplanned like it's been - to save on some gas since they're like a mile from work. :)

I have complete faith that everything in my life that I'm feeling unsure about will work out. Some things already have. :)

This is an accurate color picture, but before blocking and before adding buttons to C3PO's chest. :)  Doesn't it look great?

And after blocking!  I'll take better pictures and update on my 100 projects later, I need to get back to cleaning but I wanted to update about this! :)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Re Starting Paper dolls!

So, I'm back at it on Paper Dolls :)  I know my gauge is off, even if it wasn't I think I'd still be concerened about it fitting around my bust.  I'm a 34DD.  Such a ridiculous size.  My waist measures at 31 inches, and then my chest is 38" Talk about serious increasing and decreasing.  I'll be surprised if my sweater looks as nice as the other ones on ravelry.

After about an hour, I've accomplished an inch.  So theoretically if I stay at this pace, and make the garmet 27 inches long (guess) I have another 30+ hours ahead of me.  Yay! lol :)

I also need to pick up my umbrella and socks again. Those might just be put off until Boston or something. :)

Projects 51-53

So Project 51 was made with another 3 projects but I don't have pictures of those yet, so for now I just give you one necklace instead of 4. :)

And Yes, I decided to put on my Robin costume just for the picture. lol. :) I made it using Max California's pdf tutorial found here. It was fun! Angie and I got together last Friday and made these :)  I also have an "I love Brian" one, a <3 Knit knitting one, and an "I love Sewing" one.  Angie made a Captain America one and a knitting one.  We used sculpey and mod podge.  And jump rings that are super colorful. :)

Project 51 - Julie's last minute Ravenclaw scarf!  I need to hurry up and get this in the mail tomorrow!! But even though it took me longer than my projected 10 days I think it turned out great! It only took 1 skein of Red Heart Super Saver Royal Blue for the whole thing too!  So yay $3 scarf!  This scarf was knit in 1 X1 ribbing and measures about 5 feet long.  I have 9 sections - Blue, grey, blue, grey, repeat, and ended with another 18 rows of blue to make it uniform on both ends.  I only casted on 42 sts and used size 8's instead of the recommended 6's.  I think that's what they used. :)  I'm pretty satisfied with this, and I think I might make some more scarves just also work on other things since they get so repetitive and boring.

I decided to just to take pictures with the variety of ways the scarf could be worn, since after 6 inches it's all the same. :)

Project 53 - House Brawl shirt from Threadless resize. This was a simple resize and didn't take much time. (30 minutes?) I think it looks amazing! Threadless didn't offer this shirt in the female size of my choice when I bought it, so I bought a Men's Large. Which is great because it gives me the extra room in the chest that I need and then the length. I did bring up the neckline and brought the sleeves in, and added a pucker for a puff sleeve. :) And shaped a bit for the waist but I didn't go crazy, maybe only brought it in a total of 2-3 inches.  I like that this resize the shirt is a little looser than tighter, I usually resize it to fit like a glove but this is a nice change :)

Pucker sleeves for puffiness!

Well I should get to working work.  And I have almost finished another captain america headband for my sister and I want to make her another headband with just a bow before I mail her scarf off tomorrow, So I can mail those also :)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Project 45 & 50

So I apparently forgot to share project 45.  It's a dress I made from curtains and it's pretty awesome.  It'd be nicer if the fabric wasn't heavyish and the dress double layered - it's heavy, but I like it a lot!

I shirred the back to make it stretchy and fitted and then the front is just brought in with the lacy waistband.  The top and back straps are crocheted and I designed the flower myself.  Still needs a little tweaking but honestly, I love it. :)

Project 50 is awesome.  Everyone, prepare yourselves to meet, Jabba Da Hug.

He's smiling/He's frowning - so at least he's accurate! I got the idea from Star Wars Crafts by I believe Bonnie Burton.  I'm a big fan of hers actually.  She commented on a Star Wars quilt I had made several years back on LiveJournal starwarscrafts community and I just thought it was such an honor for someone from StarWars.com blog to notice me. :)  I'm a nerd. What can I say?!  Anywhat, Jabba is made from a soft crush velvet green blanket that I got for a dollar from the yard sales, the inside has a body pillow and another soft pillow, both that I obtained from the same yard sales (Trenton's annual) bringing my total to 4.50 and the rest were scraps that I had laying about not doing anything.  So yay for an inexpensive and cuddly Jabba!! I want to make the other soft cuddly things from that book like the Bantha and the Wampa Washcloth.  If you're a star wars fan and a crafter and you haven't gotten that book, do it now.  Amazon.  Go.

I got a new book to me in the mail today, it's called Weekend Sewing and it has over 40 projects to inspire.   I'm very excited to delve into this and make some of the beautiful things I've seen :)  Time to knit some more of Julie's last minute scarf and watch more harry potter! :)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

I hide on Ravelry...

I feel like most days I just hide out on ravelry daydreaming about what my next project will be.  I seem to avoid facebook other than to tell someone happy birthday or post about a craft I've made.  I really want to get a tattoo of a sewing machine and a skein of yarn but I can't seem to find one already made, which is awful, I went to school for art and I'm quite talented when I want to be, but I finally bucked up and drew up my own tattoo.  I guess it's too detailed for any or most available spaces on my body.  My upper back already possesses a Hello Kitty Stormtrooper. :) love hello kitty and star wars, what a great tattoo!   Maybe I could do my lower back? Tramp stamp it?  It's a nice picture with optional words. I'm proud.

Also I don't think I've shared my latest projects!

Projects 46, 47 & 48 - New grocery tote bags!  When I was making these I kept thinking how perfect they'd be for my 3 kids. lol I don't have any kids.  But with their own individual color/styles handles from old girls belts, but the uniformity of the pattern throughout all three bags I could see 3 children taking them to carry travel things for a long car trip.  Coloring books, crayons, dvds, handheld game systems and games whatevs!  But, it's just me, so I'll use them for my groceries.  Also, can you believe these use to be curtains?! How tacky.  Super adorable print as bags in my opinion :)  And they were from start to finish about half an hour and total cost was about a dollar.  Super win!

Project 49 - Since I put my cozies pattern up on ravelry I wanted to make sure it was actually correct since I started to second guess myself.  Tweeked it by adding an extra round of increases ending in 39 sts, makes it a nice stretchy - not too big - not too tight can cozie. :)  I wanted to add some extra flair with the fun fur but I have to admit, the total greyness of it all isn't very me. :)

Must get back to knitting Julie's Ravenclaw scarf!  And eat dinner...

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Lightsaber chapstick cozie!

This pattern is pretty simple and I get lots of compliments on my chapstick cozie all the time! :)

Size - should measure about 4 inches tall - so the chapstick sits further down preventing it from slipping out of the top.
Gauge - 4 sts & 6 rows = 1" in stockinette stitch.
Materials - 
US 6/4.0 mm DPN - set of 4, tapestry needle, worsted weight yarn in black, grey, white, red and your choice for the lightsaber part.  I chose a glow in the dark blue, but appropriate colors are blue, green (jedi) or red (sith) or you can get crazy and do purple like Mace Windu, or get even crazier and just do whatever you want!
Pattern Notes: CO - cast on, K - knit, Kfb - knit in both the front and the back of the loop to create an increase, P - purl, BO - bind off.

CO 6 sts, join in round
Kfb every stitch (12)

For a shorter lightsaber (but the chapstick will still sit further into the cozy - won't be flush with the top) knit 12 rows, for the chapstick to sit fully in the blade of the lightsaber, I'd recommend knitting closer to 20 rows.  The chapstick shown is 12 rows.  Later cozies that I've made are closer to 20 row blades.

K 12 to 20 rows
Switch to grey and K 1 row
P 2 rows
Switch to black K 3 rows
Switch to grey K 2 rows
Switch to black K 3 rows
Switch to grey K 1 row
BO weave in ends or make a loop with tail. I looped with my tail.
Then with a tapestry needle, make 1 red button and 1 white button.
The blue in my lightsaber glows too. I’m pretty pumped about that.

Also, it must be said, this is my original design, and I would prefer if anyone using wouldn't sell my pattern or the products that they make from it.  Isn't it just nicer to make things and give them away?  I mean, the pattern is free because I enjoy just giving things away :)

Cozies for everyone!

I suffer from always being cold.  It's not medical, I'm just a baby.  I also don't like holding cold sweaty pop or beer cans.  Thus I had a need and invented the cozy.  Yes, I invented it.  Anything you saw before, were all imitations! lol...

One size fits all... maybe most.
lol, go measure a can
1 skein of medium worsted yarn (RedHeart SuperSaver)
stitch markers
5 sts/7 rows=1 inch stockinette stitch
CO=Cast on
When making a new stitch for the increase, you can either just wrap a stitch, or Knit one in the front of the loop, then before pulling yarn off of left needle, knit one in the back of the loop, then finish pulling the 2 sts off the left needle.  Make sense?  Hope so!  If you choose to wrap the stitch - wrapping the yarn around the needle then continuing knitting, it will make a hole-y-er increase, whereas the K1fb makes a tighter and nicer looking increase.
Also, before finishing up with the 39 sts, I like to measure it up to a can to see if it needs more or less sts, sometimes I'm knitting tighter than usual.  Also, it's nice to knit on bigger needles and get larger coozies for larger beverages!
CO 6 sts div evenly between needles
Row 1 K
Row 2 K1 m1 K1, repeat per needle (9 sts)
Row 3 K
Row 4 K1 m1, K to last two, K1 m1 K1, repeat per needle (15 sts)
Row 5 K
Row 6 K1 m1, K to last two, K1 m1 K1, repeat per needle (21 sts)
Row 7 K
Row 8 K1 m1, K to last two, K1 m1 K1, repeat per needle (27 sts)
Row 9 K
Row 10 K1 m1, K to last two, K1 m1 K1, repeat per needle (33 sts)
Row 11 K
Row 12 K1 m1, K to last two, K1 m1 K1, repeat per needle (36 sts)
Row 13 k
Row 14 K1 m1, K to last two, K1 m1 K1, repeat per needle (39 sts)
Row 15 K
Row 16 Mark first stitch with stitch marker, k
Continue to knit until you’ve met your desired length, bind off and enjoy! :)  I usually knit another 4-4.5" or 11 centimeters.

Also, it must be said, this is my original design, and I would prefer if anyone using wouldn't sell my pattern or the products that they make from it.  Isn't it just nicer to make things and give them away?  I mean, the pattern is free because I enjoy just giving things away :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Another new dress

So I'm only 1 strap done for this dress.  I purchased the dress from the thrift store on half off day and it was crazy at the store so I was just hoping it would fit.  it fits in the important area of the fact that it zips all the way and is comfortable to sit in.  :) My chest is rather large,  - DD to be precise - and the top concerns me because it doesn't provide enough coverage for my modest taste.  Then beyond that, the straps are super skinny and hurt my skin.  So my solution?  I will crochet new straps that will go down the sides of the triangle boob coverage to add more coverage.  I may even add more in the front or just wear a cami.

The pink yarn has sparkles in it!

Well I'm off to celebrate father's day with my dad!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Undoing 3 hours of work...

Don't you hate when you've worked really hard to not get very far just to find out you did it wrong? lol... Mom always says it's easier the second time. It stinks even harder for the fact that it was the start of my paper dolls sweater (design by Kate Davies) and I was 1.25 inches in, after about 3 hours of work.  OH well.

It's late, and I'm tired and I should go to bed.  But I just want to knit. I feel like I have all this time to make up for now.  That, and I have siblings who are all a buzz with baby talks happening within the next year and a half and that just means baby knits!

Here's a picture of my R2D2 and Princess Leia (with orange hair haha) that will be my repeat for my yoke of my paper dolls sweater.

Which, my yoke was going to be 280 sts, but that measures out to be near 55 something inches, and I measured my upper chest/back area around my shoulders and I'm lucky to get up to 45 inches there.  SO, I suppose I have to rethink my strategy a little.  I might end up just doing R2D2's.  His chart is 18 sts wide, and I'm not sold that my yoke should be 7.5" deep like the instructions say it should.  Now that my gauge is off and I'm having a hard time reading and understanding things in this pattern, I don't know that I'd buy another pattern from Kate Davies.  I think she's brillant, I really do, I just don't think like her.  And my dimensions are stranger than normal people I guess.

SoI just remeasured and I'm a loose 42" for the yoke.  That's 210 sts.  If I get my chart slimmed down from 32 sts to 30 sts, I can repeat 7 times.  This sounds beautiful to me.  Now I have to redo some other measurement things I had already written down, but at least I figured it out now.  Although, I will do some further research on if my yoke should be 55" wide because that is what the size 8 would measure out to be.

On a complete side note, very unrelated to crafting.  I really really like my new guy in life.  Maybe he's not that new, I mean, 5 months of total dating& being in a relationship as of this Monday, but it all feels new.  And exciting.  And amazing.  And I thought the exhilarating feelings wouldn't last this long but they are.  And I don't see them ceasing.  I'm really happy.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Next Project: Paper R2D2 & Princess Leia's!

So, I got $60 worth of gift cards to Michaels for my birthday so I figured why not buy all my yarn and needles for this awesome project!?  I'm in the US, and I do appreciate the fact that knitting is mostly universal, however, my Michaels does not carry 3 mm circular needles which the pattern calls for.  I could get 3.25, 3.5, or 2.75.  I just went with the 3.25mm or US 4 as I know them. :)

With this action I don't know why I was so surprised that my gauge was tremendously off.  I've just calculated out what my CO should be and I'm just going to take it from there.  My gauge is 5 sts and 7 rows for 1 inch.  The patterns' gauge is 6.5 sts and 10.5 rows an inch.  So, I'm a lot off.  I should sit pretty at a size 8, with most of my concern being the bust line to be big enough, I'm a thin waisted heavier chested young lady, but a CO of 190 sts should do me well.  The beauty about making your own garment is you can adjust it to your own needs!

Also, I'm apparently very apprehensive about purchasing 100% wool since I keep buying blends.  But the blend is sooo soft. :)  And the colors are beautiful!  I'm knitting with Bamboo Ewe (pink and purple) and it's a blend of 55%Bamboo and 45% Wool and I'm using Patons Angora Bamboo which is a blend of 55% Bamboo, 35% Wool, and 10% Angora.  If I'm correct any washing I do, will have to be done by hand and in cool water and laid to dry.  All my sweaters can't be done in wool-ease apparently. :)

I also finished my harry potter sweater!  It's short sleeved and puffed and I love it.  Slightly short - by like half an inch to an inch but not really noticable. :)

(Project 44^^^^^)

Projects 39 - 41 - Necklace, Bracelet and Earring trio.  Altogether it cost me about a dollar which is super exciting and I think the earrings are beautiful!  Which, was the first thing I made and what I wanted to make most. :)

Project 42 - I have a lot of randomish beads laying around, and these popcoyn - not popcorn - beads are awesome and I love popcorn so I thought I should make them and wear them to the movies sometime :)

Project 43 - Build a Bear outfit!  I built Junie Bin on Friday and Thursday night I decided I wanted to bring an outfit with me to save money... Already knowing I was going to get the new pink hello kitty I also fashioned a matching velcro bow. :)

Pictures to come soon of my swatch for my paperdolls sweater.  Which is going to be epic! :)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Projects 14 -38

I've been really busy with my knitting projects and my sewing machine dying.  But my parents came to the rescue and bought me a new sewing machine for my birthday!  A month early! :)

I'll try to keep the pictures to a minimal since there are so many to post in one update. :)

Project 14 - R2D2 Crocheted coozie!  It's great because it's bigger than my other coozies so it fits bigger cans and glasses.

Project 15 - Baby Beans dude sweater!  It's so tiny and cute!

Project 16 - Knitted and crocheted bag for my cousins' wedding!  Bottom knitted part is knitted with wool and the upper yellow is Caron Simply Soft - or something similar. :)

Project 17 - This dress is amazing and all it needed was a new zipper!  I bought it originally from the thrift store.  It took about 10 minutes to replace the zipper. :)

Project 18 - Knitted shrug on size 35's with the same wool from the purse (and the columbus crew mohawk hat) yay!

Project 19 - Dude Bear!  I knitted this and then Brian and I went to Build A bear to Build A Dude!  We even put a sound clip in it's leg that says, "You've got the wrong guy, I'm the Dude, Man!"  Haha, it's awesome and only cost $10 because I had a coupon and a gift card Woo!

Project 20 - This one took a long time...  The Epic Pink Dude Sweater!  Knit entirely in 1 X 1 rib.  Well worth it, its really warm :)

Project 21 - Birthday headband  #1 (all of these are for a friend :))

Project 22 - Birthday Headband #2

Project 23 - Birthday Headband #3

Project 24 - Hat/Beret from a sweatervest!

Project 24

Project 25 - Brian didn't have any stuffed animals to keep him company when I'm not around, so I made Fred, the cat. :)

Fred has an epically large/long tail!

Project 26 - iPod holder!  Sewed with my new sewing machine!

Project 27 - Sewing machine cover!

Project 28 - Pj pants that I bought half finished from the thrift store, I finished them up!

Project 29 - Tank!  I just laid a well fitted tank on top of this jersey material that I had had forever and bam!  I love it.

Project 30 - Captain America Shield headband

Project 31 - Another tank from an oversized t shirt

Project 32 - 3/4 light shirt missing a button (purchased from thrift store for a dollar)

Project 32 - replaced with all new similar buttons!

Project 33 - Yellow headband

Project 34 - Dress I didn't like to wear cause it fit funny

Project 34 - Now it's a tank!

Project 35 - long pink skirt cut to be shorter so I could wear it like a slip under my see through skirts/dresses.  It's been working wonderfully :)

Project 36 - Converted an ugly long skirt into a beautiful dress.  Sometimes, it pays to be short :)

Project 37 & 38 - Birthday buttons for my sister and I!  Our birthday is in early June and I thought we deserved new birthday buttons for surviving a quarter century. :)

I know it was a lot of projects, but I'm proud!  I'm almost done with another sweater, and I've started on another dress.  I've got a couple of t-shirt resizings lined up and some more headbands I want to make :)  At the end of June I need to have 50 projects.  I think I can do it!