Tuesday, January 4, 2011

100 Projects in 2011 Challenge

On the 2nd, I declared that I wanted to create and finish 100 projects in the year 2011.  More or less to prove that I can, and to just motivate myself to go further with my crafting capabilities.  I have several projects lined up that I want to do so it won't be hard finding something to make.  It's hard to chose what's next.  Right now I'm working on my second thrumming mitten, a cute travel checkers set and right now i'm cutting out plarn to make a cool bag.  I'm thinking R2D2 on one side and Hello Kitty on the other.  But maybe I should just make separate bags. :)  Either way, I'm excited for this endeavor.  I will post pictures of my christmas gifts that I made soon.  For now, I have bag cutting and plarn making to do. :)

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