Thursday, January 20, 2011

First projects of the challenge!

Here are some pictures for the 100 projects in 2011 challenge.

Project 1: Heartshaped bookmark - pattern found on Ravelry - I didn't really follow the pattern, I didn't understand what treble crochet was, but I plan on learning and making another one. :)  This project was completed on January 7, 2011.

Project 2: Crochet headband.  It was very easy and I followed the pattern just as specified, but instead of doing 3 rounds, I only did 2.  I plan on making one of these in every color.  It was fast and fun and satisfying. :)  This project was completed on January 7, 2011.

Project 3: This is a travel checkers set - I made the pattern up myself.  I hope to write up what I did and post it here to share with the world soon.  But after finishing the checkers board, which I knitted, I crochet'd a circle in a coordinating color.

This picture is showing that I twisted every stitch behind my work.

When the project was completed, this is what the bag looks like...

When you start to open it up, you'll find the checkers board and the checkers - or buttons in this case.

And it unravels to lay flat.

size reference.

The travel checkers bag turned out really cute, and could easily be worn on the wrist and fits in my purse of wonders.

My mom and I played a round at Applebee's where I lost terribly.  This is a good picture to show that I added the pink layer around for a place for the cord to go through.  Then, trial and error - when I closed it up it wouldn't close tightly enough, so I then added the ruffled layer of green to close up the gap.  I'm very satisfied with the end result.  This project was finished on January, 9, 2011.

Project 4 - This is Brian's birthday hat.  He said that he's always wanted someone to knit him something after I told him on New Years that I made my folks all hats for Christmas, and since his birthday was coming up, I knitted him this hat.  Which I actually gave to him last night and he loved it.  This project was completed on January 16, 2011. 

Project 5: I have recently lost weight, which only means my clothes now refit or fit better, including these pants that became too small.  They were also out of commission because the zipper pull had broken off and it wouldn't stay zipped.  So I decided to try at replacing it, and I did.  It wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it might be.  Just stitch pulled the old one out, snipped the new zipper to desired length, put it in where the old one was, sewed and I was done.  Project completed on January 15, 2011.

Project 6: R2D2 hat!  Pattern found on Ravelry.  I made my hat a little on the small side so it's definitely more of a beanie, than a hat, but I still like it.  I still intend on going back and taking the red dot off, and putting a more accurate whiteish dot in.  And add a few more embellishments to again, make it more accurate. :)  Project completed January 12, 2011.

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