Thursday, July 7, 2011

Re Starting Paper dolls!

So, I'm back at it on Paper Dolls :)  I know my gauge is off, even if it wasn't I think I'd still be concerened about it fitting around my bust.  I'm a 34DD.  Such a ridiculous size.  My waist measures at 31 inches, and then my chest is 38" Talk about serious increasing and decreasing.  I'll be surprised if my sweater looks as nice as the other ones on ravelry.

After about an hour, I've accomplished an inch.  So theoretically if I stay at this pace, and make the garmet 27 inches long (guess) I have another 30+ hours ahead of me.  Yay! lol :)

I also need to pick up my umbrella and socks again. Those might just be put off until Boston or something. :)

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