Monday, January 12, 2015

New Year, New Place, New crafts

This year is going to be a great year for me.  It's my last six months of my twenties and come June, BOOM! I'll be flirty thirty.  I've got some great goals lining up too.  My main squeeze and I just bought our first house together and while I found myself purging A LOT of stuff (lots of yarn and fabric, it had to be done) now I get to buy and make a whole new round of stuff!  We've already updated the bathroom and it looks so much better!  Pictures and details later though, this is a goals post.

I know it seems cliche to say that I'm going to lose weight as a resolution but lucky me I started my "become a healthier Robin" journey back on December 19!  I've already found that with increased movement (just walking) and decreased caloric intake (no more bags of chips) I have already lost 6 pounds.  It's hardly been a demanding lifestyle change.  And while I feel that age and weight are only numbers and that they don't defy you, it hurt when my doctor's office labeled me 'obese' because I refuse to believe that I am.  When according to the wack bmi scale I truly am.  But so many great things will come from this.  And already have.  I've increased my sleeping and water intake too and my energy levels are crazy high, and my skin looks great.  So I plan on sharing links and recipes that I'm finding I'm in love with.

I'm assuming with losing the amount I want to lose (about 30 pounds?) that some of my sweaters might become too large.  This makes me a bit sad, but it means that I can start to knit smaller sweaters which will require less yarn and will be cheaper to make! Bwhahaha!  I already have yarn in hand ready to knit Miranda.  I bought it (Berroco Vintage) on a short day trip to Louisville at Sophia's Fine Yarn Shoppe.  If you find yourself in the area, I highly recommend it because it's filled with wonderful yarn!  A great variety :)  I also bought some neon yellow Plymouth yarn to make my dad a hazard hat. haha  He's an electrician and while I'm not sure he'll actually wear it I'm going to love knitting it.  I also visited A Yarn Crossing, a brand new, just opened store in Louisville.  It's smaller than Sophia's but it's loaded with charm and helpful staff. I bought a lovely skein that will become a hat to match my current wip, "How Cold Is It?" mittens.

Another goal that I really hope to accomplish this year - become fluent in French.  I've been learning French for over ten years.  I took two years in high school, loved it, but then went to a vocational school where it wasn't offered.  I've been dipping my toes in here and there but never jumped all in.  I finally broke down and bought Rosetta Stone.  I saw a Groupon that I couldn't pass up, my arm was hardly being twisted haha. I've gotten through the first lesson and I'm almost done with the second.  My review so far?  It's great.  I remembered a few of the words and phrases from before but it's taught me so much more and I already feel like I'm excelling. :)

So I really kinda jumbled this whole post up but to summarize, Goals: Become a healthier weight, Knit more sweaters, hats and gloves, and become fluent in French.  OH and I didn't really mention it but a lot of my walls are blank in my new home so probably getting some great artwork up. :)

Wish me luck!

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