Thursday, March 17, 2011

100 Projects challenge

I've only taken pictures of 13 projects but have completed 15.  I'm currently knitting a sweater which is hurting my numbers.  I think this weekend will consist of at least 4 simple and fast projects in my favorites just to catch me up a little. :)  That and I need to replace a zipper in a dress, all of that will bring me up to 20 projects, which at the end of the month I'm suppose to have 24. :)

Project 7: Darned socks.

Project 8: Painted stein that reads, "Robenstein" twice with 3 x's. :)

Project 9: Purse that I made in wyoming.  This was the first time I've ever used a serger.  I approve. :)

Project 10: Thrummed mittens!  I made these using alpaca and wool.  They're really super duper warm.  Great for the bitter winter I've experienced.

Project 11:  We Are Massive!!! Columbus Crew hat!  First game I'm going to is March 26, which is next weekend and I can't wait to wear it and show it off. :)

Project 12: Plarn coaster/luggage tag idenitifier!  I wanted to make both of those things and decided to roll them into one item.  It's a flower too!  This only took 2 bags.

Project 13:  Plarn necklace for Hello Kitty!  There was still some leftover plarn so I decided that I should put it to good use and make hello kitty a necklace. :)

Hopefully I'll have time this weekend to finish up those 4/5 projects and post those soon too!!!  And yay St. Patricks day! Even though it's technically over now. :)

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