Monday, June 6, 2011

Projects 14 -38

I've been really busy with my knitting projects and my sewing machine dying.  But my parents came to the rescue and bought me a new sewing machine for my birthday!  A month early! :)

I'll try to keep the pictures to a minimal since there are so many to post in one update. :)

Project 14 - R2D2 Crocheted coozie!  It's great because it's bigger than my other coozies so it fits bigger cans and glasses.

Project 15 - Baby Beans dude sweater!  It's so tiny and cute!

Project 16 - Knitted and crocheted bag for my cousins' wedding!  Bottom knitted part is knitted with wool and the upper yellow is Caron Simply Soft - or something similar. :)

Project 17 - This dress is amazing and all it needed was a new zipper!  I bought it originally from the thrift store.  It took about 10 minutes to replace the zipper. :)

Project 18 - Knitted shrug on size 35's with the same wool from the purse (and the columbus crew mohawk hat) yay!

Project 19 - Dude Bear!  I knitted this and then Brian and I went to Build A bear to Build A Dude!  We even put a sound clip in it's leg that says, "You've got the wrong guy, I'm the Dude, Man!"  Haha, it's awesome and only cost $10 because I had a coupon and a gift card Woo!

Project 20 - This one took a long time...  The Epic Pink Dude Sweater!  Knit entirely in 1 X 1 rib.  Well worth it, its really warm :)

Project 21 - Birthday headband  #1 (all of these are for a friend :))

Project 22 - Birthday Headband #2

Project 23 - Birthday Headband #3

Project 24 - Hat/Beret from a sweatervest!

Project 24

Project 25 - Brian didn't have any stuffed animals to keep him company when I'm not around, so I made Fred, the cat. :)

Fred has an epically large/long tail!

Project 26 - iPod holder!  Sewed with my new sewing machine!

Project 27 - Sewing machine cover!

Project 28 - Pj pants that I bought half finished from the thrift store, I finished them up!

Project 29 - Tank!  I just laid a well fitted tank on top of this jersey material that I had had forever and bam!  I love it.

Project 30 - Captain America Shield headband

Project 31 - Another tank from an oversized t shirt

Project 32 - 3/4 light shirt missing a button (purchased from thrift store for a dollar)

Project 32 - replaced with all new similar buttons!

Project 33 - Yellow headband

Project 34 - Dress I didn't like to wear cause it fit funny

Project 34 - Now it's a tank!

Project 35 - long pink skirt cut to be shorter so I could wear it like a slip under my see through skirts/dresses.  It's been working wonderfully :)

Project 36 - Converted an ugly long skirt into a beautiful dress.  Sometimes, it pays to be short :)

Project 37 & 38 - Birthday buttons for my sister and I!  Our birthday is in early June and I thought we deserved new birthday buttons for surviving a quarter century. :)

I know it was a lot of projects, but I'm proud!  I'm almost done with another sweater, and I've started on another dress.  I've got a couple of t-shirt resizings lined up and some more headbands I want to make :)  At the end of June I need to have 50 projects.  I think I can do it!

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