Sunday, August 8, 2010

Expect Great Things

This weekend was a blast.  Friday night started out with meeting up with two of my best buds, Angie, and Liz at a Mexican restaurant.  I feel like my decision on the LARGE margarita was a bad idea, it completely destroyed my life.  Nah, I vote it was a great decision.  Since I met up with them there, and was in NO shape to drive, I had no choice but go old fashion and we had a slumber party like the good ole days in high school where my mom picked me up in the morning.  It was excellent.  AND I can now proudly add "knitting while intoxicated" to my repertoire.  To finish out what I did for the rest of my weekend, went to Build a Bear and built a bear AND brought my own dress and sparkly headband to save money and a lady stopped me to ask where I found the headband. :)  She didn't seem pleased when I told her that I brought it from home.  I ate Yogoot for the first time, I approve.  Anything that is almost ice cream and lets me put fruity pebbles and cap n' crunch in it is amazing.  After all that activity and Chik-fil-a, I pretty much knitted the rest of the time.  Keeping up with my surprise christmas gift and knitting at a pace of 4 inches a day. :)  OH and mom and I went to the mall and found her a kickass dress for Julie's wedding and we went to Joann's and mom graciously bought me more yarn for my harry potter sweater. :)

I also have been obsessively adding patterns and favoriting ones I have to buy from Ravelry.

I found this pattern yesterday through ravelry but the pattern itself is on craftster which I admit, I haven't been able to figure out yet.  Maybe it's too forum heavy?  I too visual?

I think everyone should have a fingerstache.  I might take a whole day and knit a bunch of these and give to my friends for christmas.  I'm also thinking dishcloths might be in that mix.  Found a dishcloth I started I don't know how long ago.

Speaking of the mall I asked mom if Angie and I could knit or crochet red shawls for Julies wedding and she quickly said no.  I think she underestimates our crafting powers... :)

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