Monday, August 30, 2010

The New Empire

I hope to one day, re-meet the guy with the sign that read, "The New Empire" from the Columbus Crew game from last week.  Angie and I went this past Saturday for some more crew brew and awesome Mexican/Hispanic people, and as an added bonus, we were hoping to see "star wars guy" but we didn't. :)

Today, I sincerely offered to make something for a friend, and they basically told me that I wouldn't ever make it.  How mean is that?  It's a simple craft too, something I've done before and quickly.  Now I'm stuck in a weird, do I make it and lose or do I not make it and lose?  Either way, now I feel like I lose.  Good thing I'm distancing myself from 'friends' like this.  I've really been enjoying the messages I've been hearing at church lately and I think it's changing my mind on how to handle things like this.  My new reaction, is just to take a deep breath, smile, and know that deep down, issues like this just don't matter in the long run.  Live by example.  As far as me making this craft or not, I don't know.  On the fence.  I know what my friends would say, "Umm, don't you dare make anything for that mean mean jerk of a person."  Although, I feel it should be stated, they would use more color in their statements. :)  People who are my friends btw are just great.  I feel like I owe them a lot after the year I've had and they've stuck by me.

Speaking of the year I've had, now that things are quite settled down and stable, it's time for a change. :)  I've been doing the same thing for 7 years and it isn't even related to my career field of choice.  It's a great job, I do truly love it, but I can't grow in it.  I can't retire from it.  It's becoming time to move on.  I already have a plan too, I'm going to finish up my website and get it up and running, and update my resume, then start the everlasting job hunt.  Even if I could find a job financially equal to the one I have now with the potential to grow, it'd be great.  A step in the right direction.  I've found that a lot in recent months I've very uncomfortable because I'm in the unknown of certain aspects of my life, but I was told that we can't grow until we're put in uncomfortable situations.  So, I'm all about growing. :)

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