Sunday, June 19, 2011

Another new dress

So I'm only 1 strap done for this dress.  I purchased the dress from the thrift store on half off day and it was crazy at the store so I was just hoping it would fit.  it fits in the important area of the fact that it zips all the way and is comfortable to sit in.  :) My chest is rather large,  - DD to be precise - and the top concerns me because it doesn't provide enough coverage for my modest taste.  Then beyond that, the straps are super skinny and hurt my skin.  So my solution?  I will crochet new straps that will go down the sides of the triangle boob coverage to add more coverage.  I may even add more in the front or just wear a cami.

The pink yarn has sparkles in it!

Well I'm off to celebrate father's day with my dad!

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