Sunday, June 26, 2011

I hide on Ravelry...

I feel like most days I just hide out on ravelry daydreaming about what my next project will be.  I seem to avoid facebook other than to tell someone happy birthday or post about a craft I've made.  I really want to get a tattoo of a sewing machine and a skein of yarn but I can't seem to find one already made, which is awful, I went to school for art and I'm quite talented when I want to be, but I finally bucked up and drew up my own tattoo.  I guess it's too detailed for any or most available spaces on my body.  My upper back already possesses a Hello Kitty Stormtrooper. :) love hello kitty and star wars, what a great tattoo!   Maybe I could do my lower back? Tramp stamp it?  It's a nice picture with optional words. I'm proud.

Also I don't think I've shared my latest projects!

Projects 46, 47 & 48 - New grocery tote bags!  When I was making these I kept thinking how perfect they'd be for my 3 kids. lol I don't have any kids.  But with their own individual color/styles handles from old girls belts, but the uniformity of the pattern throughout all three bags I could see 3 children taking them to carry travel things for a long car trip.  Coloring books, crayons, dvds, handheld game systems and games whatevs!  But, it's just me, so I'll use them for my groceries.  Also, can you believe these use to be curtains?! How tacky.  Super adorable print as bags in my opinion :)  And they were from start to finish about half an hour and total cost was about a dollar.  Super win!

Project 49 - Since I put my cozies pattern up on ravelry I wanted to make sure it was actually correct since I started to second guess myself.  Tweeked it by adding an extra round of increases ending in 39 sts, makes it a nice stretchy - not too big - not too tight can cozie. :)  I wanted to add some extra flair with the fun fur but I have to admit, the total greyness of it all isn't very me. :)

Must get back to knitting Julie's Ravenclaw scarf!  And eat dinner...

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