Saturday, June 25, 2011

Lightsaber chapstick cozie!

This pattern is pretty simple and I get lots of compliments on my chapstick cozie all the time! :)

Size - should measure about 4 inches tall - so the chapstick sits further down preventing it from slipping out of the top.
Gauge - 4 sts & 6 rows = 1" in stockinette stitch.
Materials - 
US 6/4.0 mm DPN - set of 4, tapestry needle, worsted weight yarn in black, grey, white, red and your choice for the lightsaber part.  I chose a glow in the dark blue, but appropriate colors are blue, green (jedi) or red (sith) or you can get crazy and do purple like Mace Windu, or get even crazier and just do whatever you want!
Pattern Notes: CO - cast on, K - knit, Kfb - knit in both the front and the back of the loop to create an increase, P - purl, BO - bind off.

CO 6 sts, join in round
Kfb every stitch (12)

For a shorter lightsaber (but the chapstick will still sit further into the cozy - won't be flush with the top) knit 12 rows, for the chapstick to sit fully in the blade of the lightsaber, I'd recommend knitting closer to 20 rows.  The chapstick shown is 12 rows.  Later cozies that I've made are closer to 20 row blades.

K 12 to 20 rows
Switch to grey and K 1 row
P 2 rows
Switch to black K 3 rows
Switch to grey K 2 rows
Switch to black K 3 rows
Switch to grey K 1 row
BO weave in ends or make a loop with tail. I looped with my tail.
Then with a tapestry needle, make 1 red button and 1 white button.
The blue in my lightsaber glows too. I’m pretty pumped about that.

Also, it must be said, this is my original design, and I would prefer if anyone using wouldn't sell my pattern or the products that they make from it.  Isn't it just nicer to make things and give them away?  I mean, the pattern is free because I enjoy just giving things away :)

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  1. thank u so much for posting this, it will make a wonderful mothers day gift!!!