Monday, June 27, 2011

Project 45 & 50

So I apparently forgot to share project 45.  It's a dress I made from curtains and it's pretty awesome.  It'd be nicer if the fabric wasn't heavyish and the dress double layered - it's heavy, but I like it a lot!

I shirred the back to make it stretchy and fitted and then the front is just brought in with the lacy waistband.  The top and back straps are crocheted and I designed the flower myself.  Still needs a little tweaking but honestly, I love it. :)

Project 50 is awesome.  Everyone, prepare yourselves to meet, Jabba Da Hug.

He's smiling/He's frowning - so at least he's accurate! I got the idea from Star Wars Crafts by I believe Bonnie Burton.  I'm a big fan of hers actually.  She commented on a Star Wars quilt I had made several years back on LiveJournal starwarscrafts community and I just thought it was such an honor for someone from blog to notice me. :)  I'm a nerd. What can I say?!  Anywhat, Jabba is made from a soft crush velvet green blanket that I got for a dollar from the yard sales, the inside has a body pillow and another soft pillow, both that I obtained from the same yard sales (Trenton's annual) bringing my total to 4.50 and the rest were scraps that I had laying about not doing anything.  So yay for an inexpensive and cuddly Jabba!! I want to make the other soft cuddly things from that book like the Bantha and the Wampa Washcloth.  If you're a star wars fan and a crafter and you haven't gotten that book, do it now.  Amazon.  Go.

I got a new book to me in the mail today, it's called Weekend Sewing and it has over 40 projects to inspire.   I'm very excited to delve into this and make some of the beautiful things I've seen :)  Time to knit some more of Julie's last minute scarf and watch more harry potter! :)

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