Saturday, June 18, 2011

Undoing 3 hours of work...

Don't you hate when you've worked really hard to not get very far just to find out you did it wrong? lol... Mom always says it's easier the second time. It stinks even harder for the fact that it was the start of my paper dolls sweater (design by Kate Davies) and I was 1.25 inches in, after about 3 hours of work.  OH well.

It's late, and I'm tired and I should go to bed.  But I just want to knit. I feel like I have all this time to make up for now.  That, and I have siblings who are all a buzz with baby talks happening within the next year and a half and that just means baby knits!

Here's a picture of my R2D2 and Princess Leia (with orange hair haha) that will be my repeat for my yoke of my paper dolls sweater.

Which, my yoke was going to be 280 sts, but that measures out to be near 55 something inches, and I measured my upper chest/back area around my shoulders and I'm lucky to get up to 45 inches there.  SO, I suppose I have to rethink my strategy a little.  I might end up just doing R2D2's.  His chart is 18 sts wide, and I'm not sold that my yoke should be 7.5" deep like the instructions say it should.  Now that my gauge is off and I'm having a hard time reading and understanding things in this pattern, I don't know that I'd buy another pattern from Kate Davies.  I think she's brillant, I really do, I just don't think like her.  And my dimensions are stranger than normal people I guess.

SoI just remeasured and I'm a loose 42" for the yoke.  That's 210 sts.  If I get my chart slimmed down from 32 sts to 30 sts, I can repeat 7 times.  This sounds beautiful to me.  Now I have to redo some other measurement things I had already written down, but at least I figured it out now.  Although, I will do some further research on if my yoke should be 55" wide because that is what the size 8 would measure out to be.

On a complete side note, very unrelated to crafting.  I really really like my new guy in life.  Maybe he's not that new, I mean, 5 months of total dating& being in a relationship as of this Monday, but it all feels new.  And exciting.  And amazing.  And I thought the exhilarating feelings wouldn't last this long but they are.  And I don't see them ceasing.  I'm really happy.

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